Synchronise your company with the world

Thanks to desktop software OwnPack For Business, you will secure and synchronise all data important for your office every day, and all your clients, suppliers and collaborators will be informed in just one click.

With Business version

Team coordination

Access the administrative control panel in order to manage all your users, monitor and control in real time everything what is going on and what every user is doing, and make decisions much faster.

Disk space management

Manage disk space of your users or shared disk space and assign different disk space for each of them. Obtain more disk space directly from your administrative control panel in order to assign more space to any user.

User Management

Manage all your users directly from your administrative account, create new users, define their personal spaces and keep them updated at all times. If you are a company with many users, import users using importation files that contain all the data in order to achieve complete user management agility.

Detailed statistics

Check what is going on at any time, what space is being occupied, how many assigned users you have, what space they possess, edit and check their information and control the actions that they carry out in any moment using statistics of occurrences that inform what every user is doing in real time.