Reduces IT costs

Great solution for a great price, that lets you save costs of data storage infrastructure, security and IT personnel that configure equipment.



ICG Solutions


Disc space 10GB - Unlimited 10GB - Unlimited
Number of users 2 - Unlimited Depends on license
Usage, synchronization, sharing
Drag and drop uploading (Files / Folders)
Links to download and preview
Files importation
Creation and editing online
Documents versioning
Mobile access (APPs)
Recycle bin
Secure transfer
Secure storing
AES 256bits encryption
Email support
Phone support
Control panel for administration
Disc space management
User Management
Permissions control
Administrative statistics
Occurrences statistics
Integration with ICG Solutions **
Information organised by entities
Defining users permissions from ICGManager
Standardisation of the user classification criteria
Sending of corporate emails
Creation of documents from templates
Direct documents scanning
Access ICGManager from Smartphone or Tablet
Occurrences monitoring
Schedule useful alerts for renewable documents
100% personalized desktop

* All the prices on the web are monthly

** Require to have ICG software installed